Know - if your WhatsApp number is visible in Google search, then what is the matter of concern?

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Key Highlights;-

1. WhatsApp's 'click to chat' feature is in the circle of questions nowadays. A research has called this flaw a data leak.

2. Do not forget the Smartphone in this way Factory Reset may have to suffer heavy losses.

3. Do you have to Format the phone? But worried about backup, know what is the solution.


A feature of popular instant messaging app WhatsApp is very much discussed today. The reason for this is that the phone number of the users using the 'click to chat' feature is visible in the Google search result. Actually, a link is created through click to chat feature and users can connect with their friends or family members. Google click to chat feature extracts the phone number from the metadata of the link, after which it starts appearing in the Google search index.


A research has called this flaw a data leak. It is claimed that the phone numbers of three lakh WhatsApp users have become public. However, this issue is not as serious as it is being told, because only the phone number of the users shows in the Google search index, which has chosen the option to make the URL public. Also, the person's name or other personal information is also not visible on Google search.


What is 'click to chat' feature?

WhatsApp's 'click to chat' feature allows users to create a URL or link. Through this, anyone can directly connect to your WhatsApp profile. There is no need to save the number of the person chatting. Chatting or calling from other person can be done via direct link on messaging app.


The 'click to chat' feature is being used by most traders to grow their business. Many merchants offer their customers the option to join without the need to save their number.


The problem of showing the user's mobile number on the Google search index was first reported by WhatsApp's feature tracker WaBetaInfo in February this year. Since then, the issue is under discussion because through links random people could join private groups without permission.


➤Do not forget the smart phone in this way Factory Reset, may have to suffer heavy losses

Resetting the phone makes the phone look like new. So it should not be forgotten to back up the phone before doing a factory reset.


Nowadays Smartphone’s start to hang a lot and to get rid of this problem, we factory reset our phone. Factory reset deletes all the data of the mobile and becomes like new again, but it is very important to take care of some things while doing factory reset. Let us tell you what to keep in mind while resetting the phone.


Data will be deleted

Before resetting your smart phone to factory, know that it will delete your phone's entire data. With apps, the existing apps, data, settings, passwords in the phone will be deleted. After factory reset, your phone will be exactly like it is new.


Back up completely

Whenever you reset your smart phone to factory, then before that, backup the data required by the phone. You can save your data by connecting it to another smart phone or phone to laptop. Apart from this, you save your data in memory card. After this, go to Settings and save your phone's data in the memory card as a backup.


How to do factory reset

Remember that the operating system of every smart phone is different and hence resetting every phone also has different settings. So to reset the phone, go to its settings, go to the privacy or backup and reset option and select the factory reset. After this, choose Reset Phone. Your phone will be reset.


Do not reset frequently

But repeatedly resetting the phone to the factory has an adverse effect on internal storage. Therefore, reset the factory only when it is very important.


Do you have to Format the phone? But worried about backup, know what is the solution.

We are worried about the data backup of the phone before formatting the phone. We will tell you how to back up messages or other data before formatting the phone.


Often we need to reset or format our phone. But in the meantime, we are worried about contact and backup of SMS. Before resetting the phone, we make arrangements for backup of his photos, videos, but it is not so easy to backup the SMS. Today we will tell you how to backup the message.


We can back up our messages and contacts with the help of third party app. download a third-party backup app in the phone, which will be helpful in backing up many types of data along with your message. Apart from this, backup can also be done by synchronizing the contacts.


Make work easy with the help of these steps: 

  • To take backup first of all a user must download a third party app from Play Store.
  • Now when you install the app and open it, then it will see the contact, message or other data backup category.
  • Now select the backup you need.
  • Now the backup file will be saved in your phone. Save it in the mail or any other place.
  • After doing this you can feel free to reset the phone. Later, install the same app and reinstall the backup data again. 

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