Was red Mars blue 4 billion years ago, know which discovery made this gesture

Mars still looks red, but didn't look like 4 billion years ago

 After studying a meteorite from Mars on Earth, scientists found evidence of nitrogenous organic matter there 4 billion years ago.

Was there ever life on Mars? Scientists have been receiving many hints from time to time on this question. Now scientists have got another indication related to life on this red planet. They have found carbonate compounds containing nitrogen of Mars.

Japan team made this discovery

Japan's team found such organic matter in a Mars meteorite that contains nitrogen. The team includes Atsuko Kobayashi, a scientist at the Tokyo Institute of Technology's Earth-Life Science Institute, and Mizuho Koike, a scientist at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciences of the Japanese Aerospace Corporation.


4 billion years old, this substance is about 4 billion years old. These substances were frozen in water inside the ground, which shows that there would be a glut of organic matter and water on Mars at that time. This shows that the possibilities of life on Mars at that time have further strengthened.


Answers to these questions were being searched long ago

For decades, scientists have been trying to know whether there are organic substances on Mars and if so, where did they come from. Studies going on from Mars rover have also found strong evidence of organic matter there, but little information has been found about where they came from, how old they are and how far they have spread and their biochemistry activities Is related to


How did you get this meteorite?

The meteorites of Mars are those pieces of its surface that reached space with the explosion after hitting the meteor from Mars and then later came to Earth. They get special information about the history of Mars. One of these meteorites fell in Antarctica has been named Allen Hills (ALH) 84001. This meteorite was found by scientists in the year 1984.


What did you get in this meteorite?

It contained orange-colored carbonate minerals that were frozen in salt water on Mars 4 billion years ago. These minerals provide evidence of water on Mars 4 billion years ago. A lot of research was done on whether there was life on Mars at that time.


Adulterated substances of the Earth made it difficult

Not much was known before Antarctica was adulterated in this meteorite, but now developed technology has shown that the nitrogen found in this meteorite was actually Mars. The carbonate minerals of ALH84001 were studied with special analysis techniques. Now the team is confident that they have obtained convincing evidence of 4 billion years old nitrogenous organic matter on Mars.


New technology helped

Adulteration of substances of our planet is a serious problem while studying the substances of external planets. To avoid this adulteration, the team developed a new technique for developing samples. He used silver tape over the sample in his lab to remove fine carbonate particles. After this, he inserted an ion beam with the help of electron microscope and pulled out the adulterated particles. He then detected the presence of nitrogen with micro XANES technology. They found that the carbonate minerals were from Mars itself.


What were the blue planet then this red planet of today?

 Researchers found that it is clear that organic nitrogen was present on Mars. Then there was less oxidized water, and plenty of organic matter. Researchers say that today's red planet was probably blue then.

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