The truth of Prime Minister's unemployed allowance scheme 2020

Know the truth about Pradhanmantri_Berojgari_Bhatta_Yojna_2020_Fake_news


  • What is the truth of PM Berojgari Bhatta Scheme?
  • Prime Minister unemployed allowance scheme only a rumor, online application form, do not register. PM Berojgar Bhatta 2020 Scheme is Fake.

We all know how much unemployment is there in our country. Even today, if a single place is vacant for peon to higher posts, then people who have done PhD on it also do not hesitate to apply. In such a situation, many such rumors from job to unemployment allowance are spread on which people easily believe. One such scam has hit our hands, so thought that you should be careful about it. Nowadays, a lot of rumors are flying through social media about Prime Minister Unemployment Allowance or a scheme named Pradhan Mantri Berojgari Bhatta (PM Unemployment Allowance). Through this message being spread on social media, people are being misled that unemployment allowance will be received from the central government, but the truth of this message or message is something else.


If you too are hearing about such a scheme and are about to apply, then read this article before us so that your eyes are slightly opened. In this article we will also tell you how you can find out if the plan is right or not. Stay with us till the end to know the truth of the Prime Minister's Unemployment Allowance Scheme.

  •  Prime Minister Unemployment Allowance | What is the truth of PM Berojgari Bhatta Scheme?

Truth Behind Pradhan Mantri Unemployment Allowance Scheme Explained Here;

A message will be sent to you through Prime Minister's Unemployment Allowance 2020 through your WhatsApp or any other social media. In which it is being claimed that the Prime Minister will give 3500 rupees a month to the unemployed people and you have to apply for this, in this message this application is also being told absolutely free. Also, it would have been given that only 20 crore youth will get the benefit of this scheme, then you should get your registration done as soon as possible. The registration date is often extended and the message is being forwarded to the people. But the truth is that no such scheme has been implemented.


  • Information Asked:

Now when the plan is not implemented, then what is the truth of the link being provided with the message, or the link given on any other blogger's site (  & is this also false. 

All these links are fake, after visiting this link you will be asked some important information, including your name, your father's name, Indian citizen or not, your age and as soon as you fill all this information another page will open in front of you. , On which you will have been given till Mubarakabad for registration. Also, on that page you must have given that you can take your unemployment allowance by going to Gram Panchayat. But as soon as you fill this information, then see what can really happen to you.

  • Loss of information:

Now as soon as you have given all your information, it can cause two losses, firstly, all the money lying in your bank accounts can be wiped away because you were lured by Rs 3500. Apart from this, all your information will be sold to a private private company, from which you will keep receiving various types of messages and emails. 

  • Truth of the link being spread:

Now, let's talk about the truth behind this link ( It is a completely fake link and there is another link hidden inside it which is your private information. Wants to get you selected. The hidden link behind this link is from this site


  • Now you know how to find out on which site your information is safe and which is not :

Keep in mind that this is not the only link through which a fake scheme called Prime Minister Unemployment Allowance is being promoted. You will see many more links; it is prudent that you do not trust any such links. 

Prime Minister unemployed allowance scheme only a rumor, online application form, do not register. PM Berojgar Bhatta 2020 Scheme is Fake.

  • How to know if the site is fake or not :

Whenever you visit a site, especially to complete the process like registration, first check whether the site is secure or not, for this you will be given a Secure or Not Secure at the address bar of your browser. Apart from this, you can see the http: // before the URL, if this is given before the site, then the information is not safe, if it is given https: // before the link to the site, then the site is secure. The S given on this is the pinnacle of security but here mostly https: // is hidden when you copy link site & paste on your any platform like whatsup,google etc. you can direct found the truth behind the site.


Also, keep in mind one thing, most of the scheme's official website ends with extensions like .gov, .nic, .org. Therefore, after checking URL completely, take any action. You put a link in the website and search in Google; if the website is really official then you will see the information related to it on other blogs and news portals.

  • We take care of you:

Through our site, we do not only inform you about the scheme, but you also take care that you do not get misled through any other site.


Related questions and answers;


Question 1. Is there any scheme called Pradhan Mantri Unemployment Allowance Scheme?

Answer.- No! So far, no scheme with such a name has been announced by the government.


Question 2. I have got a link to apply online for the Prime Minister's Unemployment Allowance Scheme on WhatsApp, can I apply?

Answer.-  careful ! If you have received such a message on WhatsApp, delete it immediately and do not take any action. Do not forward any such information to anyone else


Question 3.How will anyone benefit by spreading such fake news?

Answer.-  People spread such false information for various benefits. Most of the people who do this collect and sell the information you need, while some hackers target you through these techniques.

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