The silence before the storm is seen on the sun, scientists worried

Sun Storm
Silence surface on Sun indicating solor storm

 "There is no activity happening on the surface of the Sun at this time. Scientists think that this is a sign of the coming Solar Storm."

Scientists always keep an eye on the activities of the Sun. They have always found that some activity continues on the surface of the Sun, but this time such activities are stopped for a few days. Scientists are feeling the silence before the storm. They suspect that now the Solar Storm may come.

The Sun is behaving differently than other stars like itself

It is not that this activity on the surface of the Sun is only based on the behavior of the Sun's predecessor. Sun's behavior is quiet compared to other nearby stars. It is believed that this is the preparation of the Sun to go into some big activity.

Study of sunspots

The activity and brightness of a star is driven by its magnetic field, that is, magnetic field, due to which dark spots are formed on it. Those are called stars pots or in the case of the sun, sunspots. According to the news published in the New Scientist, Timo Reinhold and his team from the Max Planck Solar System Risers Institute, Germany, observed the movement of 396 stars, including the Sun, from the Kepler Space Telescope.

Other stars like it are different from the sun

The special thing about these stars is that their temperature, chemical composition, age, size and rotational speed are the same. But even after these similarities, researchers found that these stars have more brightness than the Sun. Reinhold says that despite the similarities, many stars are four to five times ahead of the Sun in some cases, which is surprising. This means that there is no such feature in these stars. This is what separates them from the Sun.

2500 wires show this difference

When clusters of 2529 stars were studied in a similar way, they had similar characteristics except in the rotation period and those stars had the same diversity from the Sun. This means that the sun may be in a state of calm and its activities may intensify in the future.

Can be a big loss

Reinhold says that it is predictable when this will happen. Then the brightness around the Sun will increase and our Earth's electrical grids may be damaged due to the flames or solar storm.

Why solar storm causes trouble

Actually solar storm has always been a matter of concern for scientists. Due to the sudden rising flames on the surface of the sun, solar winds, called solar winds, emanate. Also known as coronal mass ejection (CME), the greatest threat from solar storms is from waves that can damage the Earth's magnetic field. That is why it is expected to damage the electrical grids of our earth.

This damage was done in 1859

Significantly, in the year 1859 a powerful solar storm came. Because of which the telegraph system of western countries on earth had failed. During this time, very fast electric current shocks were found in the wires. The technology was not so widespread at that time.

 Solar storms are very deadly, but can they destroy the earth?

The Sun is the source of life on this planet, due to the energy emanating from it; our blue planets can see every color of life on Earth. That is why in many religions we worship the Sun. In our Sanatan Dharma, worship of the Sun God is paramount.

This star, which is 10 million times larger than the Earth, has so much energy and power that it cannot be imagined. The Sun is more essential to us and it is even more bizarre than we understand it, many such secrets of the Sun still scare scientists whom they avoid speaking in front of everyone.

In today's article, we will learn about the solar storm of the Sun, which causes scientists to perish. You must have understood from the name itself that the solar storm will be the wind coming out of the sun.

 The Sun keeps sending billions and trillions of particles into the space every moment, due to the explosion and any activity that takes place in the Sun, several thousand tons of matter is thrown into the space of matter as radiation. This radiation is very dangerous, which immediately burns out the atmosphere of the surrounding planets. This is why Venus and Mercury may never have life on the planet.

Today there can be a lot of damage

But if this kind of incident happens today, then a lot of damage can happen. Apart from this, there is also a possibility of damage to the ozone layer, but this is possible only when the intensity of solar storm is very high and it is very unlikely.

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