The laborers do not know how to book the ticket for the train, know How to book Shramik Train ticket.


How to reach home by laborers special train? Remove every confusion

New Delhi: The central government has decided to run special trains (labor trains) from May 1 to reach the home state of migrant laborers, workers, workers, tourists, students and others stranded in various parts of the country amid the Corona crisis and lockdown. 

According to the Indian Railways, these trains are only for laborers, devotees, tourists, students and others who are stuck during lockdown away from their home-village. Such people will have to approach the state governments for traffic, only then they will be able to reach the destination. Many people are confused about the special trains being run by the migrants in the lockdown, whether they can go to their homes by these trains or not, what will be done for this? Take away all your confusion here and understand the whole process. 

How will get the approval for travel in labor special Train? 

Workers will have to contact their state officials to go by special train. Railway officials were quoted as saying in some media reports that the migrants should get information from the local police administration before reaching the railway station. Register After the application, the concerned officer will have the data ready. They will prepare the list and hand it to the railway later, on the basis of which the train will be allowed to travel. If without any application or if someone who is not in the list and reaches the station, then he will not be allowed to travel. 

Guidelines to operate ‘Shramik Trains’-Railways to print train tickets to specified destination as per no. of passengers indicated by originating state.Local state govt authority to handover tickets to passengers&collect ticket fare&handover total amount to Railways: Railways Min
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Only if the state government wants you can go on the train 

The Railways again clarified that only those people trapped in these trains are being taken by the state governments. The railway said in a statement released at night, "Railways are only accepting passengers brought by state governments. No other group or person has to come to the station. Few trains are operating at the request of the state governments and all other passenger trains and suburban train services are closed. 

Railway Ministry issues instructions regarding laborers special trains, local officials will give tickets 

Workers' special trains are being run across the country to send the stranded migrant laborers; students, devotees etc. back to their states. Now the Railway Ministry has issued guidelines regarding this. The ministry said that the train ticket will be printed according to the number of passengers served by the state as per the destination to operate Shramik Special trains. The state government will give tickets to the local officials and collect the fare from them to the railways.

90 percent passengers, 500 km distance, adequate security only then the train will run 

Railways has told all the Regional General Managers that special labor trains should be run only when the train capacity is 90% passengers to carry the stranded people. These trains will be run after the demand of the state government. Railways said that the state government, which wants to bring its people to their village, will hand over the journey ticket to the passengers after collecting the ticket fare of the passengers and giving the entire amount to the railway. Along with this, it also said that the state government will provide adequate security arrangements at the concerned station to ensure that only those passengers are allowed to enter the station premises and who have a valid travel ticket. The Railways said, each laborer special train will have only one destination and it will not stop in between. In general, Shramik Special Train will run for a distance of more than 500 km. This train will not stop at any middle station before the destination. In a full-length train, passengers will sit following the physical distance law, and no one will sit on the middle seat. Each such train can carry around 1,200 passengers. 

States have responsibility for food, drinking water 

The guidelines said that the concerned state government would prepare a plan for the group of passengers accordingly. There should be no demand less than 90 percent of the capacity of the train. Railways will prepare tickets for specified destinations according to the number of passengers indicated by the respective state government and these will be assigned to local state authorities. The state government concerned will provide food packets and drinking water to the passengers from where the train will run. 

Passengers must follow the health guidelines 

It will be mandatory for all passengers to wear a face mask. State officials will instruct travelers about the use of masks. Railways said that the respective state governments would encourage passengers to download the 'Arogya Setu App'. In the event of a destination of more than twelve hours, a one-time meal will be provided by the Railways to the passengers. After arriving at the destination, state government officials will receive the passengers and send them for screening and isolation if necessary. All arrangements related to the journey ahead will also do the same. 

Trains will be canceled if health protocol is violated 

The guidelines issued to all the Regional General Managers stated that if the safety, safety and health protocols are violated at any stage, the Railways will have the right to cancel the Shramik Special Train. Explain that the Indian Railways on Friday approved running of Shramik Special train to evacuate people trapped due to lockdown. 

Canceled all passenger train services by 30 Jun 

After the announcement of increasing the lockdown for the third time, the Railways made it clear on Friday evening that its entire passenger services would remain canceled till 30 Jun 2020. According to the Railway statement, all are informed that the Indian Railways has extended the cancellation of all regular passenger trains including suburban trains till 30 May 2020.In the meantime, for the purpose of booking tickets or traveling by train, any person Do not come to the railway station.


The laborers do not know how to book the ticket for the train, when the police sent it; they left for Bihar on foot.

Policemen drove out all those people who did not have tickets outside the college. Simultaneously, an announcement was made that whoever did not receive the message should return.

Lucknow: An order has been issued by the Uttar Pradesh government that every laborer entering the state's border will be helped. Whether the food required is water or information. To know how seriously the administration is taking this order of the government, we sought to know the condition of the laborers in Dadri of Gautam Budh Nagar.

Let us know that today special labor trains ran from Dadri. These trains were run today to take Bihari workers to their homes. Workers were stopped at Agrasen College in Dadri. A large number of workers gathered here after hearing the news of the train running. Most of them did not know what is the process for booking a train. Those who knew that they did not have such smart phones with which to register online. Many people had registered, so the message did not come. The message that came after registration on Jansunwai portal will be valid as a ticket. 

Policemen drove out all those people who did not have tickets outside the college. Simultaneously, an announcement was made that whoever did not receive the message should return. The workers say that the landlord has kicked out of the house. No money came here after walking 20 kilometers. Now the police are saying go back. We will not go back. We are going to Bihar on our village on foot. 

There were large numbers of such workers who went out on their way to their villages. Neither food nor water was given to these laborers. The workers whose tickets had arrived. The administration too did not arrange for their food and drink. Women used to wait for their turn sitting with small children. They say that they have been coming since morning and no one has asked. Had to make the arrangements themselves. The child is also crying with hunger. 

In such a situation, it becomes clear that no matter what the government is talking about the workers, but there is an administrative insensitivity about the workers on the ground.

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