The giant comet is moving fast towards the Earth, can be seen from the surface of the Earth on 27th May


27 May 2020 Comet: On April 29 last month, the threat of the massive Asteroid hitting the Earth was averted that another such astronomical event is likely to occur. Although this time it is not an asteroid, but a giant comet is moving towards Earth at a fast speed. It is going to enter the Earth's orbit from the Sun. By the end of May it will be very close to the Earth. According to information on NASA's official Twitter handle NASA Sun & Space and NASA Asteroid Watch, it will be extremely close to the Earth's surface on May 27, 2020. It can also be seen directly from the earth.

Comet sighting is a rare occurrence in itself as they appear once in many years. Called Comet SWAN, this comet is carrying miles long dust, stone pieces, gas, ice, particles of space debris, etc. behind it like tail stars. They glow when exposed to sunlight. Although comets are not as deadly or harmful as asteroids, nothing can be said in advance about the effect that occurs after entering the Earth's atmosphere. Generally, small-sized comets enter the Earth's orbit and burn by burning. It gets blown up and we see it in the sky as a scene of a star falling apart. The impact of this comet approaching the Earth on May 27 can be seen on the sky. It is being told that due to this the color of the sky will turn green, which will be a thrilling experience. Know the special features of this comet - The tail of this swan comet is millions of miles long, which is the center of attraction for space lovers and scientists. - It can be seen with straight eyes, without the aid of a telescope, but in the meantime it should not be hit by any other comet or object.

  • -At this time it is 53 million i.e. 4 billion 2 crore 77 lakh 3 thousand 200 miles from the earth. According to the speed at which it is moving towards the Earth, it can hit the Earth by May 27.
  • - In many European countries, including Britain, it can be seen in the evening. In Asian countries, it can be seen as per Eastern Time Zone.
  • - Space scientists say that this comet hits the Earth once in 11 thousand years. However, there is no damage, only the color of the sky changes to green.
  • - It can be seen clearly on 27 May. Good if you have a small thick telescope or telescope.
  • - The closer it is to the Sun, the greater its brightness will be. There is also a possibility that it will break into small pieces.
  • - This comet consists mainly of a part filled with ice and methane gas orbiting the Sun. The reason for coming close to the Earth is the gravity of the Earth.

Glanced at Pune in January 2013, watch video

In April, a citizen scientist spotted a never-before-seen comet in data from @ESA/@NASA’s SOHO satellite! Scientists are hopeful Comet SWAN will remain bright enough to be seen from Earth as it continues towards its close approach of the Sun on May 27: 



What are comets? 

Comets or comets are stars found in the solar system, which are basically small pieces made of stone, dust, ice and gas. These planets revolve around the Sun in the Solar System. Short-comets complete the orbit of the Sun in an elliptical path once in about 6 to 200 years. The path of some comet stars is annular and appears only once in its lifetime. Comets with long paths often take thousands of years to orbit one. Most comets are made of ice, carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia and other substances such as silicate and organic mixtures. They are also called as the tail in the common language because behind them there is a long tail of the above elements which shines with sunlight.

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