Russian cargo ship reached ISS without passengers, know what goods have been taken there

ISS Space Craft
This Russian cargo vehicle joined the ISS in three hours. Symbolic picture

Russia's cargo-ship reached the International Space Station (ISS) in just three hours with 2.8 tons of luggage without astronauts.

The International Space Station (ISS) is a joint unique experiment of scientists from all over the world. In which many countries of the world including America and Russia are simultaneously engaged in space research. Recently, Russian astronauts have returned to the Earth after several days. Now Russian spacecraft has successfully carried a large amount of goods into space. Click here 

Where to deliver

Has sent its Progress MS-14 spacecraft called ISS (ISS) with 2.8 tons of goods and equipment without any astronauts. The vehicle took off from the Bachnoor Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on 24-April-2020 itself.

How long could this vehicle connect with ISS

The vehicle made two rounds of orbit and then managed to join the ISS in only three hours and 21 minutes of flight. Soyoz 2.1 Space Ship, which went without astronauts, made its flight at 6.51 am local time Saturday and successfully went into orbit of the space station.

 How much has it traveled?

Many exercises were done for this rocket. And in its decisive flight, it joined the space station without any trouble at 11.12 am. During this time, the vehicle traveled 260 miles.

 What goods have been sent from

The vehicle sent 1,543 pounds of propellant, 110 pounds of oxygen, 926 pounds of water and 2,9994 pounds of cargo. It also included some food items and equipment. Expedition 63 Commander Chris Cassidy and Cosmonaut Anatole Evanishin and Ewan Wagner will fill this space with the spacecraft for the next few days.

 Now the program is ahead for this

There are now very important launches for this station program. Now the Japanese space agency is sending an STV cargo ship on May 20 to replace the station's solar battery. A week later, NASA and Space X will launch a crew dragon capsule in which the Astronauts Bob Benken and Doug Hurley leave for the space station.

 Why crew dragon flight is special

This flight named Demo 3 is very special for NASA because it will be the first time since last July 2011 that astronauts are going to be sent to space from US Earth. This has confirmed such missions to NASA's Crew Dragon, and NASA's reliance on movement on Russian Soyuz spacecraft will also be over.

 Which space agency is involved in this mission?

The ISS has a sent artificial satellite on Earth's lower orbit. The program also includes NASA and Roskosmos (Russian Space Agency), Japan's JAXA (JAXA), Europe's ESA and Canada's CSA.

 What is a working of space station?

It has been a lab-like work in which astronomers of this space agency visit from time to time and conducts experiments there on biology, human biology, physics, astronomy, meteorology, and others like them. Apart from this, it also has uses for space missions to Mars and Moon. It travels around the Earth in about 92 minutes.

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