IAS Success Story: Who were the country's first SC-ST IAS officers and the youngest IAS officers of the country, know their success stories


For the first time in the year 1950, UPSC conducted the civil service examination. 3,647 students took the first exam. In which Achutanand got the highest marks in writing, but he could not get good numbers in the interview and N. Krishnan of Madras became the first IAS topper of the country.

In today's era, passing the UPSC exam is considered a big success; parents dream that their child grows up to become an IAS officer. But to realize this dream, students have to work hard. About 10 lakh applications are received every year for this examination, out of which only 1 thousand students are selected.

Students have to do one day and night with their hard work and dedication, and then success can be achieved. The Union Public Service Commission conducts this examination in three stages, which include pre exam, main exam and interview. Rank is prepared on the basis of marks obtained in these three stages, although when the Civil Service Examination was started by the Union Public Service Commission, then there were neither so many applications for this examination nor so difficult examination. . Let us tell you when and how the UPSC Civil Service exam started and what is the story of the country's first SC-ST IAS officer.

After the independence of the country, when the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950. This year, the Union Public Service Commission started the first examination of the Civil Service. For the first time, 3,647 students took this exam. At that time, the number of SC-ST candidates was not disclosed in the UPSC report. But after the results came, the first SC IAS of the country was definitely told. Achutanand Das became the first SC IAS officer of the country. He topped the written examination. It is said that Achutanand Das got the lowest number in the interview because of being a SC. Had it not been so, it would have been his name to become India's first IAS topper. 

Achuthanand Das, coming from West Bengal, secured 609 out of 1050 i.e. 58% marks in the written examination of the Civil Service. While N. Krishnan of Madras got 602 number i.e. 57.33% marks. Krishnan got 260 numbers out of 300 in the interview, while Achuthanand was able to get only half the number. At the same time, another candidate from West Bengal, Anirudh Dasgupta, gave a great performance in the interview. Krishnan topped the three candidates. Anirudh Dasgupta was ranked 22nd and Achuthananda got 48th rank. These results of the first examination of the Civil Service surprised everyone.


IAS Success Story: These are the youngest 

IAS of the country, passed UPSC exam at

the age of 21

UPSC exam is one of the toughest examinations in the country; millions of students work hard and pass the exam every year to clear it. Some talented students pass it at a very young age and on the very first try.

IAS Success Story: Every year lakhs of students take the UPSC exam but success is achieved only by those who work hard, UPSC conducts these exams in three stages which include pre exam, main exam and interview rank after passing the exam. Based on the selection of students, IAS, IPS and IFS are selected. But to pass these three exams, you have to work hard and work today. Today we tell that we are going to do such promising youth of the country who passed this exam at the age of 21-22 and became the country. The youngest IAS officer of

Ansar sheikh

This is Asar Sheikh, the youngest IAS officer of the country, in 2015 when Ansar was just 21 years old, he made a record of passing the UPSC exam. Ansar had secured the rank of 361 in the examination; Ansar is currently posted as OSD in MSME & Textile Department in West Bengal. Ansar was good in studies, he did his early education from Jalna District School, and then further studies from Ferguson College in Pune, Ansar graduated from Political Science and achieved 73%. Ansar was successful in clearing the UPSC exam due to his good grasp on political science. Ansar belongs to a very poor family. His village is a drought-hit area of ​​Jalgaon district of Maharashtra, Ansar's father used to drive an auto rickshaw. Due to financial constraints in the house, two of Ansar's sisters were married at a very young age. Ansar raised his family name after becoming the IAS officer at the youngest.

Swati Meena Nayak

In the year 2007, Rajasthan's daughter Swati Meena passed the UPSC examination and made Rajasthan proud, Swati achieved this position by becoming an IAS at the age of 22, Swati was ranked 260, currently she is the Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation. Swati is working in Burja Dhani of Sikar district.

Roman saini

Before Sansar Sheikh, the record of becoming the youngest IAS in 2013 was made by Roman Saini, Roman Saini achieved 18th rank in UPSC examination at the age of 22, Roman also worked as a collector in Madhya Pradesh for some time. But in 2015 he resigned and taking a step towards startup, started his own company named Education Technology.

Ankur Garg

Ankur Garg is setting a new record after another, at the age of 22, Ankur made a record by becoming an IAS and now he is also making a record while studying at the world-renowned Harvard University, Ankur's last paper during the 2-year Micron Economics course Ankur has set a record by scoring 171 out of 170 marks in 2002. Ankur holds a B.Tech degree from IIT Delhi. Ankur's father always inspired him to work hard and get more than the goal and that is probably why Ankur has done what he cannot do well.

Amrutesh Aurangabadkar

At the age of 22, Amrutesh passed the Civil Services Examination in 2011 and got the 10th rank. Amrutesh surprised everyone by getting success at such a young age. Amarutesh is a resident of Pune, he is currently working as Regional Commissioner of Municipalities in Vadodara.

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