IAS Success Story: Poonam Dahiya cracked UPSC exam by reading just 6 hours a day

IAS Success Story: Poonam Dahiya,Photo-Facebook

It is commonly said for UPSC exams that one has to study for at least 14 to 16 hours a day to pass this difficult exam, completely defying IRS officer Poonam Dahiya

Success Story of IRS Poonam Dahiya: IRS officer Poonam Dahiya, who has passed the UPSC exam not one or three times, has completely different ideas about preparing for the exam. Where we have been hearing till date that to succeed in this difficult exam, the candidate has to do one day and night and have to study for 14 to 16 hours a day, while Poonam Dahiya believes that the hours are not regular It is important to study. They believe that even after studying for 6 to 7 hours a day, this test can be passed provided the studies are done regularly. 

Read less but read daily, this trick according to them is useful for preparing for this exam. Poonam of Jhajjar district of Haryana always studied on this formula and also achieved success. She says that she does not support the method where candidates read 18 hours a day and then gap for two days. Then read 20 hours a day and did not touch the book for three days. She says even if you read 6 hours but read daily. 

Poonam was the first primary teacher 

Before becoming an IRS officer, Poonam was a primary teacher in a school in Delhi. She was 21 at the time. After this, he filled the form of bank PO, that too became clear and he worked for some time in a bank job. After this, Poonam took SSC exam and got 7th rank in All Over India. Even after this, his mind was not filled, his dreams were much bigger. In such a situation, Poonam took the UPSC examination for the first time at the age of 28 years. He was selected but due to low rank he got railway (RPF), he was not interested in it. He took the exam again and passed it for the second time as well, but once again he got second service (IRPS) in Railways due to rank. She became an IRS officer for the third time.


The journey of UPSC was over once 

Poonam told in an interview that in 2011, she gave this exam for the third time and could not pass the pre-exam. From here, his journey to UPSC was over. After this, he passed Haryana Civil Services and got a job in Haryana Police. But luck had something else approved. After a few years, he received a notice stating that since there were some changes in the exam syllabus of UPSC in the year 2011, the candidates of that year will be given one more chance to take the exam.

Poonam's life took Uterne just from here. Cashing the opportunity given by this notice, he took the exam again in the year 2015 and was selected. The commendable thing is that when Poonam took the pre exam, she was nine months pregnant at the time and her son was two and a half months old when she gave the mens exam. But for whatever reason she did not stop and became an IRS officer after getting a good rank. Poonam says that the most important to pass this exam is self-confidence. The higher the confidence you have to handle the higher the position you are appearing for, the more confidence you should have.


IAS Preparation Tips: Some important topics asked in IAS Exam almost every year

There is no fixed pattern of big examinations like IAS, yet some important topics have been shortlisted by looking at the question papers of the past several years, which have been asked repeatedly for many years. Let's look at some such topics. 

Important Topics For IAS Preparation: UPSC's IAS Exam is considered to be an exam for which it is not possible to make any kind of speculation or say anything firmly. However, like other examinations, the formula of looking at the question papers of previous years also works for this examination. After finalizing the preparations, it may be beneficial to see the papers of previous years, especially for revision. According to these question papers of the past several years, a list of some important topics has been made here; whose preparation can give you benefits. For your information, let us know that every year about five lakh students take this exam and only 15,000 are able to reach the next level. You can see that the competition is strong. Let us know about some important topics of IAS Pre Exam.


Freedom movements from 1930 to 1947 - 

This subject is considered very important for the preparation of IAS exam. For the preparation of this, NCERT books and Freedom Struggle by Bipin Chandra can be seen. You should know about various freedom movements like Non Cooperative Movement, Quit India Movement and the personalities associated with them.


Geographical mapping of India like river, mountain, pass etc. - 

For this part you should have a good knowledge of geographical mapping of India. For this, you can also take help of NCERT books and Atlas. You should be well aware of the major rivers and their tributaries, especially those which affect agriculture. You should also know about routes originating from mountain passes. India's climate and its effects on India's economy are also important.

Most important conservation sites like National Garden, Lake etc. - 

All important conservation sites should be aware of their associated wild life and vegetation. Every year some questions come from this subject. Questions can also be asked on environmental protection. Such as questions related to the role of evergreen forests and lakes on the Indian environment.


According to the news, important Monuments and Cultural sites of India - 

India has always been known for its cultural heritage. In such a situation, many monument sites in India are included in the UNESCO list. You will get this list easily online. Read the complete list and memorize the information given about important places like Harappa, Chola Temple, Ajanta Caves, Ellora Caves, Himalayan Institute etc.


Government's new welfare schemes - 

New social and economic welfare schemes of India prove useful for both IAS examinations. Since they have a profound impact on the lives of the general public, they are often asked in current affairs. For example, you should have fresh information about all subjects like Jan Dhan Yojana, Namami Gange, Swachh Bharat Mission.


New Acts passed by Parliament, pending bills etc. - 

You will get the latest information in this subject from the annual report on the PRS website. This is the only source you can trust. This topic is also important because every year there are questions on the prevalent Act like GST Bill, Land Acquisition Act, Fourteenth Finance Commission Report, pending Women Reservation Bill etc. Prepare them well.


India's Scientific Achievements, especially in the area of ​​Space and Defense 

This area is considered very important for the IAS exam. Questions related to the achievements of ISRO, DRDO, Defense Ministry are often asked. Along with this, you should have the latest information related to PSLV satellites, Agni missiles, BrahMos, guided missile systems etc. To prepare well for this section, read the newspaper daily. 

Although the scope of preparation for IAS exam is very large, which cannot be limited under any circumstances, but some topics are always considered important, so prepare them for IAS Pre Examination.

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