IAS Success Story: The light of the lost eye did not get emboldened, Pranjal Patil became the first blind IAS of the country.

First Blind IAS Officer of India
First Blind IAS Officer of India

 When Pranjal was in the 6th grade, something happened to him that one of his eyes lost his light. After some time the other eye also gave up. But Pranjal's courage and courage never left him. Come; let us know about the challenges of the life of the first female blind IAS in the country. 

Success Story of IAS Pranjal Patil: IAS exam difficulty level is not hidden from anyone. But there is no doubt that when the courage is high, no matter how great the difficulty is, it cannot stop the path. But today, whose success story we are going to tell you, his challenge was different. Yes, today we will talk about Pranjal Patil, the country's first blind IAS officer. While the candidates could not crack this exam despite all the facilities, Pranjal not only passed this exam without eyes but also brought a good rank, the most integral part of life. Not only this, Pranjal passed this exam not once or twice.

Which accident took Pranjal's eyesight

Pranjal Patil is a resident of Ullas Nagar in Maharashtra. She was very good in studies since childhood. But a school accident changed his life. Actually, when she was in the sixth grade, at that time, a student's pencil of her class accidentally got caught in her eye. This led to the loss of one eye. Pranjal got a shock from this incident. Pranjal was still unable to recover from this problem that within a year his second eye light also lost. Pranjal broke down inside, but he did not give up. She stood and did not stop until she reached her destination.

Study from brain script

Pranjal had no choice now. Except to accept this truth of your life. Eventually, he accepted that he had to spend the rest of his life like this. But this decision depended on his determination to cut down on the life of this lack or go ahead and do something with this stage. He chose the second option and studied in brain script. Pranjal was always very good in studies. Pranjal's way of studying changed but his determination was the same. Pranjal studied with the help of special software who used to read and read books. That is, a software which was read for them and after listening to which they did their entire studies.

How she success in carrier

Prior to taking the IAS exam, Pranjal also prepared and competed for many competitive pensions, but also did not fill his mind. His motive was something else. She decided to become an IAS and started preparing whole-heartedly. As a result, in the first attempt, he cleared the UPSC exam. But she was not satisfied with the rank in this examination of 2016. At this time he had got 733 rank and he was not interested in the post under it. He tried again in the year 2017 and passed the examination with the rank of 124. He showed what the police station was. Presently Pranjal is posted in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. 

Pranjal's story tells that weakness or disability is not in the body, but in the mind. Pranjal never considered himself disabled, but considered special Abel. Then perhaps even after so many challenges, he did not look back.


What is the power of an IPS officer? Learn 

At the time of Crisis, an IPS officer is responsible for maintaining law and order in the society. Their jurisdiction and scope of responsibilities is very large, let's take a look. 

Powers of An IPS Officer: IPS officers play an unprecedented role in establishing law and order in any field. They are a very important part of the Indian Police Service and there is no need to say what is the importance of Indian Police Service in Indian Democracy. Getting this post in itself is not less than any achievement. As important as this post is, it also has its responsibilities and powers. Today, we know about the power of an IPS officer. 

The IPS officer is the head of all the Superintendents of Police (SP) and the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) at the state level. In addition, an IPS is in charge of the overall functioning of the district and part of its duties and responsibilities so that there is no slight disturbance or malfunction in the policing system and resolves it when it happens. Although the list of responsibilities of an IPS officer is quite long, but today we will mention some important points.

Primary Power -

The main function of the IPS officer is to protect the people in their jurisdiction. At the state level, he takes up the task of maintaining law and order with the IAS officer.

Stopping crime, investigating crime, preventing and managing accidents, is protecting the transportation of cash, watching the recovery of stolen goods and allowing loudspeakers in rallies, etc., all come under them.

They lead all security commands -

IPS officers command vigilance organizations like Central Police Organizations, National Security Guard, Intelligence Bureau, CBI, BSF, Indo-Tibetan Border Police and CRPF etc. Not only this, IPS officers also play the role of Commander of CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force), NSG (National Security Guard), IB (Intelligence Bureau), BSF (Border Security Force), Indo-Tibetan Border Police Huh.

Maintaining peace and security of VIPs in the state

IPS officers have the responsibility to maintain peace and order in the state and they can take whatever decisions are necessary for it.

Handling in times of disasters -

At the time of any disaster, to find out its cause and to see that no matter how the situation is, peace and order is not disturbed, it is their job. Like during the riots, etc., they take all possible steps to maintain peace by meeting with the armed forces. Not only this, it also comes under their jurisdiction to follow public law properly, whether these rules are environmental, traffic related or any other area.

Police forces and army command -

IPS officers have to ensure that there is no physical or financial loss to the properties or people in their area. They have to be active to do this. Also, they cooperate with local police services for this work.

Not only this, an IPS officer is responsible for taking command of the police forces of the state and union territories. When the army is deployed in the area for special purposes, they have to co-ordinate and work with the Indian Army for some time.

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