IAS Success Story: IIT Bombay again in the first attempt in UPSC, AIR Rank 4, how did Shreyans Kumat achieve this success?


Shreyans Kumat of Rajasthan was promising since childhood but never wanted to go to civil services. After studying at IIT Bombay, what happened to Shreyans, who was working in an MNC and turned to civil services?

Success Story of IAS Shreyans Kumat: In most of the cases, it is believed that candidates make up their mind to go to a service like UPSC much earlier or take it as a career option much earlier. But Shreyans Kumat's case was completely different. He never thought that he would give the IAS exam but when he thought so, he not only thought, but in the first attempt he showed it to be true. While people are not selected even after preparing for years and giving exams several times, Shreyans not only achieved success in the first semester but also brought All India Rank 04 which falls in the category of extreme difficulty. He set this record in his first attempt in the year 2018. Today we know the success story of Shreyans.


Poot's feet were seen in the cradle

This tactic fits perfectly on the Shreyans, since Shreyans was an extra brilliant in his childhood. While he was in LKG, his performance was so good that his teacher said that if its UKG scores 100 out of 100, then it will make it a class jump. And it happened that Shreyans brought the whole number and their teacher pushed them one class further. In this way, Shreyans had hinted in childhood that they are quite different from the rest of the children in terms of IQ.


Dada's wish was to become an IAS

The house of Shreyans living in Ajmer district of Rajasthan is in Kishangarh. Apart from mother-father and younger sister in his family, he has grandparents. Shreyans' grandfather always wanted him to become an IAS, but in the early days he did not take this thing very seriously, because his tendency was different. His family never put any pressure on Shreyans, they chose the area they wanted to study. As a result, he chose the field of engineering and studied mechanical engineering from IIT Bombay. After this, he worked as a management consultant in a firm for two years.


The idea of ​​doing something for the society changed the outlook

After working for some time, Shreyans got the idea that they should do some work, so that they can do something for themselves and family as well as society. After much thinking and introspection, he decided that he would choose the field of civil services. Prior to this, he met many people of this region in his frequent trips, in which mountainering is the most. These people doing government work were people sitting at the small to big level. For example, he talked to an Asha worker and also to an IAS officer. After understanding everything, he finally decided that this area is best for him.


Success achieved through self study

After choosing his destination, Shreyans left the job first and started studying day and night only and only. If he did not understand the concept of coaching very much, then he relied on self study and moved forward. They found out the subject of examination, exam pattern etc. and made their strategy plan accordingly. He used to study for 8 to 10 hours every day. He laid great emphasis on regular studies and revision.


Along with this, a lot of mock tests were given. Shreyans read the newspaper every day and made preparations for the pre and mains together and as a result in the first attempt in the year 2018 achieved success. The success story of Shreyans suggests that there is no precise time to choose or change a career. If there is true passion and there is a strong desire to reach the destination, then you can go on a journey anytime. Just take the confidence of victory together.


IAS Interview Tricky Questions: List of weird and poor questions asked by UPSC in IAS Interview

Here is a list of such bizarre questions and their answers which can be asked by UPSC in IAS interview. Candidates must read it.


Tricky Questions for IAS Interview 2020: All applicants applying for the UPSC Civil Services Examination wish that they become IAS by being selected in this exam. But to get selected in this one has to go through many stages. The question that arises in the minds of the candidates who go for the interview for the first time is, what or what type of questions can be asked by UPSC. Keeping these things in mind, those questions are being discussed here, which can be asked in IAS interview. Do read these questions here and take some ideas.


1.    Question: What is Password in Hindi?

        Answer: Password is called a code in Hindi.

2.    Question: How to write 23 using only 2.

        Answer: 22 + 2/2 

3.    Question: What will you do if I run away with your sister?

        Answer: I will be very happy, because I can not find a better match for my sister than you.

4.    Question: The interviewer ordered a cup of coffee for the candidate. Coffee was placed in front of the candidate. Then the candidate was asked what is before you?

         Answer: T comes before U. The alphabet 'T' comes before 'U' and hence T comes before U 

5.    Question: What can you never eat for breakfast?

        Answer: Dinner. 

6.    Question: What if you wake up one morning and you find that you are pregnant. (From female candidate) 

         Answer: I will be very happy and share this information to my husband. Or I will tell my husband the good news as I am happy. And I will celebrate happiness with my husband. 

7.    Question: What is the form of a woman that everyone can see, but her husband can never see?

        Answer: Form of widow 

8.    Question: Who is she who comes once in a month and goes away after spending 24 hours with you?

        Answer: Date, it comes only once a month and the next date after 24 hours.

9.    Question: Can you speak the names of three consecutive days in which Wednesday, Friday and Saturday do not come?

        Answer: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 

10.    Question: Peacock is a bird that does not lay eggs, so how its children are born. 

         Answer: The female peacock gives eggs not peacock.

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