Great relief for college students, now two degree courses can be done simultaneously, UGC gave permission

 UGC gave permission to do two degree courses simultaneously

The University Grants Commission, while giving a major verdict, has given permission to the students to pursue two degree courses simultaneously. The only condition is that one of them should be regular and the other should be in open, distance or online mode.

UGS Allows Students to Pursue 2 Degree Courses Together: The UGC has given a big decision to allow students to pursue two degrees simultaneously. That is, now you can do BBA from Delhi University, IGNOU or BBA from any other distance education institute together in the same year. For the last several years, students used to complain that they cannot do two courses simultaneously, whereas at times it was necessary for their future plans. But earlier it was considered wrong to take two degree courses in the same year simultaneously, which was not allowed. But now students can do this. However, permission has also been obtained with a condition here, under which one of these two degree courses can be a regular course but the other should be an open, distance learning or online mode course. That is, both degree courses cannot be regular. The UGC has taken this decision considering a proposal.

There can also be separate streams and separate institutions -

The most special thing about this relaxation given by the UGC is that students can also choose to take the course from two different streams. That is, science and humanities can be selected together provided your institute is giving its permission. You can study together from two different institutes or universities. Or if the same institute offers both courses then you can do it from there also.

The committee while talking about this said, since the issue of minimum attendance is associated with regular courses, the committee has the option to do another course with distance learning. UGC Secretary Rajneesh Jain believes that this will increase career prospects for students.


UGC launches helpline number for students; enter your complaints on it

UGC has launched a helpline number and email ID to know the problems of the students amid deteriorating arrangements. On this, students can raise their complaints, problems or any other serious issue.

UGC Launches Helpline Number and Id for Students: University Grants Commission (UGC) has launched a helpline number and email ID to help students and to know their problems. They can tell their complaints by calling on it or mailing it to the email address given. Actually, due to Corona virus, there have been many changes in education and education system these days. Somewhere the exams are being postponed, and then somewhere their pattern is being changed. In the midst of all these new changes, students are not able to sit well at times. Along with this, many times they have their own reasons, which are obstructed in following the instructions from the colleges. To solve these and many such problems, the UGC has given the students a chance to say their words. They can register their complaints on this helpline number or can also send them on email ID. For your information, let us know that before this, UGC also launched guidelines and academic calendar for universities. Students can also complain on the UGC pre-existing online students' grievances redressal portal.

Helpline Number and ID -

The helpline number issued by UGC is 011-23236274. Also the address of the email ID to which the complaint can be sent is Official notification of this is given on the official website of UGC, which you can see. The official website address for doing so is This Grievance Redressal Cell of UGC will monitor all questions, complaints and other academic matters of students, teachers and institutes arising out of Kovid-19 epidemic. Not only this, along with grievance redressal, the UGC has also set up a task force to address the concerns, grievances of students, teachers and institutions and seek redress accordingly.

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