Would the company adopt the "work from home" culture even further?

Work From Home Culture in Trend
Work From Home Culture in Trends

At this time lockdown, curfew has been imposed in the country, due to which people are in their homes, no one is able to go to work. Due to which a new trend is appearing in public sector and private sector companies is the "work from home" culture which is very popular.
Interestingly, it was previously understood that the company is resorting to the "work from home" culture under compulsion, but now in this culture, companies are happy to work with employees and why should not be the reason behind it.

In Gartner's survey, 20% CFO considered that it is better to work from home because it will cut office expenses, office travel allowance, office setup, office rent, Electricity rent etc.
HR management says that when the load is high in the office means work pressure , the mental condition of employees increase, then they take leave which affects the work, but due to the "work from home" trend, there is no mental retention in the employees and that output is good and Gives more.

Most CFOs have described it as a milestone in virtual office. Many of the same companies are exploring the possibility of "work from home" even after the end of Lockdown. 81% of CFOs even said that they would be recruited only under "Work from Home" and a framework would be prepared for this.

Going on the facts, there is a change in the functioning of companies around the world, such as big companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Reliance & Tata etc. are giving opportunity to their employees to work from home.

Researcher said - In 2018, when the world was in recession, the environment had benefited greatly from consumption of electricity and fuel to work from home.
Researchers at the University of Texas stated the need to take lessons from the work culture of Work from Home and establish a new perception through a twit.

Some apps are behind the success of Work from Home and its adoption by the companies of the world, which provide facilities ranging from chat to 100 people to video conference meetings like you know whatsup, telegram.
After this, some important apps that we get for free in Google Play Store or Apple Store : -

1. ZOOM : This is a videoconferencing app that can connect a maximum of 100 people simultaneously. You can record the meeting as well as the facility of sending screen shares and instant messages is also available.

2. Microsoft Teams : This is a videoconferencing app in which you can create power point presentations, sheets etc. using video chat, document share, chatting with teammates and Microsoft Office.

3. Team Viewer: With the help of Team Viewer or Any Desk etc., you can operate remotely accessing the laptop or computer of another or someone sitting at home. Can transfer files.
To use these apps it is necessary to have sham apps in all computers.

4. Basecamp 3 or Workplace: It can monitor messages, chat rooms, file organizers, given tasks within this system, is a good app for managing small projects.

5. Trello: With the help of this app, you can keep track of the work of team members. You can set the work for the members of the team, who can see what work has been done and what is left because it can give separate slots for each job, which makes it easy to monitor.

Since some people say that productivity from work from home becomes work because if there is no work with concentrated mind at home, then these apps can help increase productivity.

1. Time Doctor: This is a time tracker app that helps to stay focused and keep track of deadlines of work that can be completed in time. Horse and toggle are also popular apps.

2. Noisele: This paid app has a sound that helps to improve concentration such as nature, rain, forest and special sounds that focus the mind, which are called noises.

Major changes are going to be made in the work process here, such as work from home (WFH) is right for those who are in the house , the students who are outside are trapped. The second work away from home (WAFH) means working away from home like doctors, police have to stay away from our home for the safety of us and our loved ones.
It means to say that most of us are doing WFH and some people are working away from home (WF & AFH) even after WAFH and some at home, it means that there are big changes in the work processes.


Ques : My computer has crashed and I don't have any other option to manage my work from home what should I do ?
Ans : Hello actually this is not come under work from home situation because this is come under service maintenance. at present you will be unable to call any computer repair due to lockdown so here my advise to you please inform your superior officer in this regard because If you hide it, then it can be harmful for you.
Second option online you can search computer repair shop number call him , possibly he could repaired you computer remotely.

Ques : What to report boss when work from home how?
Ans : When you are working from home , It is your responsibility to report your daily work by message or on call from-which they believe over you if you are new .
In every company boss trust over few employees but when you are new in his team it is your duty to inform , work plan and task completion details.

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