Know about Our Prime Minister Mr. Modi !

Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi
Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi

Corona virus news has outpaced all other news and It does not seem that any change is going to happen soon but I am bored with it. But the difficulty is that politics also seems to be largely postponed. That is why we share politics with Corona virus.
Take refuge Let us see how Narendra Modi has worked on the message of delivering the biggest challenge in his public life. We within them Let's start it with the messenger. He has such a gift that none of his eight predecessors, from Manmohan Singh to Rajiv Gandhi, have received.
He competes with Indira Gandhi in understanding the heartache of common people, especially voters. Therefore, he himself gives every message from his government.

His entire cabinet, top party officials, social, within an hour of his speech on Friday night on 'Nine at nine o'clock' program Media warriors, intellectuals associated with the RSS and BJP started tweeting parts of the speech. When he speaks, all these resonate only and do not speak anything. This maintains the purity of the message. It is supported by what they say or do, Every voters believe everything they say. Something goes wrong, Fans forgive him. Imagine what would have happened when he apologized for the inconvenience to the poor in Mann Ki Baat. Tens Crore hearts were instantly extinguished.

Recall all his key speeches, from Swachh Bharat to renounce LPG subsidy, from demonetization to now Covid-19.
Every time, he asked the common man to do something. This makes people accountable. Who does not like to be taken seriously and that Even by such a powerful leader? He did the same thing in Corona's speeches. In the first speech he said that he is asking people for a few weeks of his life,
But left this thing right there. Perhaps it was a way of preparing the public. He asked for one day public work and many of us guessed Took it is a dry run of long lockdown. He spoke of cheering and cheering for the doctors and people involved in essential services.
Encouraged people by talking about bells and thali. There is a special pattern in Modi's apology. After the demonetization, he said to his throat, give me only 50 days.If there is a flaw in my steps, then I am ready to face any punishment. Who will punish such a humble leader? In the case of Man Ki Baat , there was more closely in the apology asked for Corona.
He was not apologizing for the mess he caused, but rather apologizing for the inconvenience caused by the courageous move. Country that step was raised to save from Corona. He did not even mention the displacement of migrant workers.

This gives Four lessons: First, Modi does not make any promises in his own message.
Second, he always asks you to do something for yourself and the nation.
Third, he never feels sorry for any of his work.
Fourth, they know whom to address, whom to ignore.
They know hat his critics, commentators would mock his words as childish. Modi does not care about them. The second section, which he is not addressing, but cannot even ignore is the poor.
They get the majority from these people, but they do not control their debate, why put them at risk? The middle class voters are out of it and the agenda is set does. If he had questioned, why would he come to the balcony with a plate or candle? Modi reaches the poor through cash, LPG, toilets, housing, etc. Their direct help to the poor has been much better than before.

If someone says that he can read Modi's brain, he is either a liar or an incarnation of Albert Einstein. You see yourself by replacing Modi.
If I keep myself, I see this - these people are left. But, obedient children. They can do more in the order of obeying, but I can alert them. Seeing this from Modi's perspective, they are winning. Why would they complain? Or why he cares about those regular critics.
This is absolutely true
"India will win, India will smile"😊


Q. At what time Narendra Modi will give us adress on 11th of April 2020?

Ans. The time has not yet been confirmed; but tomorrow they can address the country once again because lockdown period going to complete on 14th april 2020, he shall announced in this regards again.

Q. How many time Narendra Modi become Prime Minster?
Ans. Narendra Modi became prime Minster of India 2nd time  and his tenure from 26th may 2014 to now. First take oath on 2014 & second 2019 election.

Q. Will Narendra Modi's increase the date for Lockdown ?
Ans. Yes It will be, as he taken Video conferencing today of all chief minister in this regards and earliest could declaration most probably today or tomorrow.

Q. How Many Language Narendra Modi Speaks ?
Ans. Indian Prime Minster Mr. Narendra Modi can speaks only two language Hindi & Gujrati with high fluency and English can speak occasionally.
He is also try to speak and learning  Marathi,Telugu & Kannada languages.

Q. Who was the prime minister of india before Narendra Modi?
Ans. Mr. Manmohan Singh was the prime minister of india before Narendra Modi from Congress Party.

Q. After PM Narendra Modi and Rajinikanth, which actor is going to appear in the ace adventurer Bear Grylls' version of Man vs Wild Show? पीएम नरेंद्र मोदी और रजनीकांत के बाद कौन सा अभिनेता ऐस एडवेंचरर बियर ग्रिल्स के मैन वर्सेस वाइल्ड शो के संस्करण में आने वाला है?
Ans. Bollywood Actor Superstar Akshay Kumar will be the next going to shoot with Bear Grylls of 'Man vs Wild' on Discovery of India episode. 

Q. Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of which state? नरेंद्र मोदी किस राज्य के मुख्यमंत्री है
Ans. Narendra Modi was the Chief Minsiter Of Gujraat State from 2001 to 2014 before become the prime Minster of India.

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