Aarogya Setu App- Launched by Government of India !

Aarogya Setu App
Aarogya Setu App 

The Covid-19 tracker app 'Aarogya Setu' has been launched by the Government of India on April 1, 2020, which will keep you on alert mode all the time and notified you on low or high risk. so that you are protected from infection all the time and if you come in contact with an infected person then it will alert and inform you and prepare your visitor's list from-whom you contacted , it is important because whenever if you got infected then it assist to health department for identified the high risk people. which we can save your family,our family and loved ones.

So far this app of 2.9 MB has been downloaded by more than 10 million people. At the government level, They instructed to installed all government employees (State Government and Central Government Both) like Electricity Board, State Police, Health Department, Municipal Corporation, Education Department, Central Railway, all armed forces etc. 

Apart from this, those who are found infected or who are kept on quarantine / isolation (Self / Departmental) are also compulsory to downloaded this app so that they can be monitored easily.
But the aim behind this App is successful only when every person of India installs it on their mobile, so they confidently identified the risk and notified you therefore please share and courage the people for installing the app.

Although Government of India can consider every citizen to download this app.
This app is available in 11 different languages that both Android users and IOS users can easily download from their Google Play App Store and Apple App Store.
Let us now know in detail about this 'Aarogya Setu' app, how to use it, how beneficial/Facility and how it works etc.

  •  Download, Installed and Registration:

As mentioned above, both Android and iOS mobile users can download and install them easily by visiting their Google Play Store and Apple Store.
Since this app is based on Google location and blue tooth so location and Bluetooth will always have to be turned on to use it.
while registered on your mobile firstly enter you mobile number and you got a OTP on you mobile then enter a OTP on the App  then you have to fill all your details as like your full name, age, gender, business etc.
If you have traveled abroad in the last 30 days, then his details will be sought.Which will be compared to an infected person from abroad with the help of ICMR database.

  • Benefits / facility of the app :

As already mentioned above, after downloading and registering this app, you send notifications at high/low risk and tell the level of your risk, for this you will always have to do Bluetooth and location.
In this, all the local and central government bodies have no. You can see and direct call.
Avoid misinformation because it keeps giving you live updates about Corona.
In this, with the help of the present tool, you can do a self assessment test in which the app asks you some questions like if you have a cold cough & fever etc , then it suggest you to self-quarantine or isolate on the basis of question answering therefore advise you to please fill correct details on it, and in case of more risk it inform to your local healthy department and on the basis of result they take decision your test can be done.
Therefore, give correct information in it so that other people can also be alerted and prevented.

  • Privacy related :

Whatever information you give in this app, your privacy has been taken care of, in which all your information like your mobile number, Name, place etc. will not be made public, only the Government of India will be aware of this.

If your app is not installed or you have any technical problem related to the app, then email, you will definately get the help.


Ques: Low Risk meaning in aarogya setu ?
Ans : Low risk means you are safe, you are not susceptible to infection but stay at home.

Ques: aarogya setu app is not uploading in my device
Ans : If the Arogya Setu app is not being downloaded in your mobile, then you should mail your email ID to in which they asked for some details like which company the mobile phone belongs to, Android version, which company's SIM you are using such as Jio, Airtel etc., screenshot of the error message you are getting, country state etc.
And even after this, if there are any problems, then you can comment me in the comment box.

Ques: How to change the information provided in aarogya Setu?
Ans : Dear please follow these steps:
1. Open Google Play store.
2. Go to menu.
3. Select 'Account'.
4. Select 'Preference'
5. Check ‘Country & Profile.’ It should be India.
If not then user has to go their google account and change country to India.

Ques: If I had asthma then what should I add in aarogya Setu.
Ans : Here nothing required to add you, the app already ask you a question as required when you go on self test option.

Ques: How to install aarogya Setu app in Micromax Canvas 5 mobile?
Ans : This app is compatible with android version 6.0 and above they are working for android version 5.0 also because please please ensure first your mobile android version.
2nd check your device is rooted disable or not because these feature are essential to keep the android operating system safe, secure also to protect user data. So, a rooted mobile make it vulnerable and pose a security risk. It is not advisable to install the App on any rooted device.

Ques : How to delete account at aarogya Setu app?
Ans: Even if you uninstalled the app your data or account not deleted from app but here be sure your data safe & secure its not be publicly.

Ques : I am not able to register my mobile number in aarogya setu app.
Ans: If you are getting any error message please share it with google play store app on review or email to
For further assistance you message me on comment box also.

Ques :  What the side effects of aarogya Setu app?
Ans: Firstly I suggest you expected very good app but when you talk about it cons so it be
1.You should be always turn on Bluetooth, Internet data, GPS.
2.No option for user for exit.
3.Cyber security risk also a big problem when your Bluetooth always be on while on public area.


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