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Self realization

Friends today, this blog dedicated to the name of yours and our family - In this pandemic (COVID-19), I think everything will run out in the race of the world, money will be lost.
Take out self-satisfaction for some time for the help of others..

I this article I have covered the three topic, I request you please read carefully

1. With Love ones :- Importance matters for kids
2. Importance of Lap &  Irritability : - Important for kids that parents doesn't understand.   
3. Joint family, grandmother's affection and antipathy.

With loved ones: -

Time moves at its own free pace. Great era on the stage of this world. The promoter appeared Lord Rama, Krishna, Guru Nanak, Mahavira, Mohammad Prophet, Jesus came. All defined the wisdom of life, interpreted, interpreted, and went away 'who has come, will sleep, king, rake, fakir. This is irrefutable logic, it is the law of law, the reality of life. This universe has been and will continue to move, it is not going to stop and no one has the ability to stop this cycle. Man has come empty-handed and will go empty-handed ', there is no pocket in the shroud, this is the undisputed truth. Everyone knows this reality of life philosophy, we understand it well, but our life is a grave, a false conceit and the tendency to think of ourselves as hollow. We this Can not understand whether you are living to work or working to live.

We tame circumstances ever in our tune, sometimes to establish ourselves, sometimes the future
Fearing for, they strive for economic prosperity, knowing that money means a lot for life but not everything. Most people ignore the obligation towards family behind money and only later realize that as long as the child is nearby, there is not much money and as long as we are financially stable and capable then someone One is not asking for He himself becomes capable. Starts giving us gifts. We do not even look at our so-called achievements, all the accounts of life become meaningless, it is left behind.
We have not known what to buy in spite of the desires, two sofas on which sometimes Only able to sit, crockery, dinner sets which come out only on Diwali every year, after washing
Returns adorn the Alamaris, expensive show pieces for the decoration of the meeting room
Which hardly anyone sees, how many shirts, pants, coats, jackets, ties, saris, Shawls, sweaters, salwar suits which are required once a year, every year 4-6 more new ones accumulate in changing fashion, shoes kept old And do not know how many non-essential items are stored, which rarely
It is used, has made its house a museum. But dolly anyone Toys, toffee, clothes, shoes, glasses, watch, ball, balloons, toys, Mogs, indicates desire, lack of conceit, sometimes a matter of discipline
Do not meet his small demands, then later regret it. This thing always in mind.

It is difficult to do, it is non-committal, self-aggrandized that in vain, we refuse to do so much, that is, we skimp. The feelings of happiness and satisfaction that appear on his face when his desire for these small things are fulfilled, try to get them again and again. It is our happiness only in their happiness, that is, do not ignore your innocent spear ladle.

If we review a day there are 24 hours in a day, working ourselves super.
The person saying or understanding does not work more than 12 hours, 8 hours of rest and 2 hours are sufficient for daily essential tasks, still 2 hours are left which we waste without any reason.
Spend at least half an hour with children. Newspaper, mediocre TV Leaving serials, clichéd news and mobile, WhatsApp, Facebook and have fun with children, leave modern noisy, Karnakatu music and enjoy the sweet and sweet killers of children. Today, gradually, a situation is being created that while sitting with the child in the same room, we indulge in our mobiles so that nothing is left out while leaving beautiful, precious moments that can be spent with them. . Spend 2-3 hours out of the 12 hours of the day with your children over the weekend, only then enjoy a picture, party, picnic or gathering.

We have very little time to spend with children in life. life's too short.
If we translate it into hours then we have only a few thousand hours which we can spend with them. Till he goes to school, he does mummy mummy, papa papa. Everyone talks to us, shows us everything, the Bayfric is in fun. By entering the school, its scope gradually increases. Till the fifth grade, he is confined in the locality, becomes the city from the sixth grade, remains in his tune. Navami starts competing in the tenth grade and thinking about the future Is, with increasing age he does not show his mood in everyday things, he says a little, he prints a lot. In the eleventh and twelfth grades, only petrol and coaching money are left, after which he leaves the city. Then know where to take the job, whose place of water is written, who knows? Parinda also stays in the nest until it arrives on her, remains under the guardianship of the parents, fades as soon as the wings come out, sees the world, sets dimensions of new heights, makes her own home. Does not turn around and look at the nest. This is the law of nature's law, the way of the world, the eternal truth.

 When children are small, they move around us, stubbornly, arbitrarily, always new
When it was done, it seemed, grow up quickly. Today they repent when they have grown up.
That they were very good, someone was asking for something, at least they were nearby. Today your children. The guests have become manifest.

Whenever they come home, the house gets mauled by happiness but only after a few days, despite their being, they feel the pain of leaving. Their favorite dishes are made, they do not feel like cooking, eating after they leave. His memory leaves the mind awestruck, there is no one to wipe the tears. Four days of moonlight, then dark night. The same old silence prevails in the house, life then becomes lonely, lonely, this process goes on like this.

Importance of Lap, Irritability: -

Whenever Ladla (little one ) shows a desire for a lap, support this spirit of her, respect her, adopt immediately, do not think that her habit will deteriorate. The parents' lap is the pleasant, safe place where the running child falls deliberately from the blast, he knows that the mother will take care, she will not get hurt. Take a walk in your lap, walk in the garden. The shoulder is the part of the body on which the head can cry, sleep comfortably. This unique, soft tactile pleasure is available to us for a short time. Gradually it gets bigger, its weight increases, our strength also decreases with age. Sleeping with a baby's head on our shoulders, arms with a neck (it is probably the most precious necklace of life), our cheeks with tiny hands.

The priceless feeling of sitting back in a motorbike and holding our waist is still engraved in our psyche, try to get them again and again, neither deprive yourself of these loving touches and moments, nor deprive the dear ones.

Nowadays parents often complain that the child cries, is stubborn, bothers
Is, does not sleep, nor lets sleep, has become irritable. Irritation is the normal human nature, which does not belong to the mind, arises. The only difference between children and elders is that the child's simple translucent, pure, serene nature expresses his feelings immediately and suppresses emotions under the pressure of larger social values, although we rarely treat children. Often parents feel that the child does not listen, he does not listen. Have we heard everything from our parents? Which he will listen. We forget our childhood and expect children to be honest and serious. So the children are not irritable and stubborn, perhaps we have become bad parents that our own dear looks like this. When something is easily received, it is not valued.
We are all 3-4 siblings and our mother who brought up poets like her, fed 25 from a foursome with joy, but such words may never come out of her mouth. She walks around for hours on end with little trouble to her granddaughter, does not even expect it. Even today, he is an idol of affection, sacrifice and tolerance, his endurance is incomparable.

Joint family, grandmother's affection and antipathy: -

Education, equality of opportunities, ambitions, prevalent autism in last few decades
In the era of recognized concepts, mental autonomy and parochialism, the tradition of single families has been strengthened, joint families are disintegrating. Earlier, 3-7 children were easily brought up in joint families, it was not possible to see it. One member always lived around the children, there were never locks in the houses, all were protected in the umbrella shade of the grandparents, this system was important psychological support for minor illnesses.

Therefore, in today's changing social environment, children who are called grandparents
love and meditative are available, they are really lucky. All relationships are probably selfish.
But their mutual love is completely selfless. It is such an amazing harmony that no one can get in between, we stop everything in it and he does not listen to us.

Grandparents listen to him and he agrees to say everything, does everything immediately by running, always remains ready for them. Here the custom of 'Take this hand, give that hand' of love.

Seems like the absolute undisputed truth. When granddaughter says in a tone of love and authority, give toffee. grand mother fulfills her little great desire from her treasury or in her gestures that parents go to office and then understand. This often makes parents feel that the pampering of grandparents is spoiling their son and whether he has any right over his own child. They may consider it to be an infringement in the discipline of their child, but their specializes does not go well. Even if the child complains to the parents, he immediately gets doted, he also knows that this is the center of power. Parents often complain of this behavior, but they understand its importance only when they themselves receive the rank of grandparents. At this stage of the age of becoming a grandparents, both time and money are full, so they give all their love to their children, they pour out pomp on the grandson, after all, believes would be more loving than the original is.

While returning from school, one day Grandpa brought his granddaughter for consultation, followed by her. When he started wearing shoes, Grandson said, 'Do not wear shoes'. Without losing a moment, he lifted girl in his lap, sat on his shoulder, lifted his shoes in his hand and walked regardless of the society.

This touching episode marked the indelible impression that he only listened to his granddaughter and fulfilled her wish. If there was someone else in his place, doctor would forcefully take off wearing shoes, hardly carry the shoes in his hand. Often, it is more important to put on paint than to cry and cry after the vaccination and lift the baby in the lap. This means that only children are listened to, regardless of what is appropriate and unfair in society.

In this 21st century, however much we may read and write, but grandmother and grandmother
The mental conflict between rarely ends. Grandma loves both daughter-in-law and grandson.
But if anything happens to the granddaughter, then the whole mistake seems to be that of her daughter-in-law. While going to the daughter-in-law of the grandmother, instructs that, look, you are going, take equal care of the child. Grandmother in the Technological era, she talks on mobile every day, wants to see on Skype, Maternal grandfather is scared of Maternal grandmother minor illness, wants her to get well soon, and persuades Happy to go home.

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