Mind Fresh Funny Jokes


May some mind freshen up in THIS CORONA tension atmosphere 


😂Dear God
Could you please uninstalled 2020 and re-install it?
Because it has a Virus. 😂😂



My friend was also going to have "corona virus" ._
Then I closed her private news channel
Suggested watching DD News ._

Now my friend is safe
And is learning the method of composting.


Whose marriages have been canceled due to lock down,
They are finding that Pandit with a stick
Who said auspicious and good time for marriage..


Doctor - What is the problem?

Patient- Doctor Saab, after listening to the audio of Corona while calling the phone for 4-5 days, he got a cough in the ear.



The most painful message of a friend from Mumbai ---
I am stuck at home with wife for four days due to shutdown of India .... Please help 😝



Three relationships are identified at time

Children in old age

Friend in trouble

wife, in India lockdown .... 😝


Girl went to see boy for daughter…
Girl: How much do you earn…
Boy: earned two crores this month…
Girl ones: What happened then…

Boy: That's it, then the 'Teen Patti' hangs in the mobile and all the money is gone…😂😂


Teacher, the great scientist was telling about Newton - "Newton was sitting in the garden when an apple fell on his head. Then he discovered the law of gravity. "
One student said - “It is very clear, sir! If Newton had not sat in the garden, sitting in the classroom, as if we were sitting, then do not search for anything
Finds. "


Yesterday I went to the bank
To make a passbook entry,

After seeing the tantrums of these Bankers for two hours
I realized that Vijay Mallya
Done right with them !!


wife: - I left home
I am going…


Husband(angrily): Yes ..
Quit "sweetheart" .. Now ..
.. 😏
wife: - That's it
Not your habit of saying "sweetheart"! Always stops me… !!! .. True!


A miser was beating his son…
Neighbor: Why are you beating the child…?
Baniya: I told him that leaving the 1-1 step and climbing, the sandal will wear less…! Insolent 2-2 climbed the ladder, tore the pajamas…!


Sir, what do you talk about talent?
In our India, our boys lick mobile
Battery and tell the status of battery that
How much battery charged 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
Dil Se ❤


A newly married couple was quarreling in a pot shop.
Wife --- "Take this steel glass".
Husband --- "No, take a little more glass"!
Shopkeeper --- "Sir, even though Women's Day is gone, don't take the same glass as Madam is saying" .. !!! 😂😂
Husband --- "Hey brother, you have to sell, but my hand does not enter this small glass, how can I Scavenge It???" -




Tring… .. Tring… ..

Hello… Auntie Ji is a Payal?

Yes son is in my both legs!!😝


Very dangerous chat ..!
Boy - Hi ..!
Girl- Who gave my number..!
Boy- Met me from shulabh complex…!
.. Blocked ..!
.. Blocked..! 😜


 Characteristics of being a strict/ Good Indian: -

1. A handful of fennel is to be eaten after eating in the hotel.
2. Do not remove the tag from the bag after air travel.
3. Demand for free coriander after consuming vegetables.
4. Shifting the gift received on Diwali to the relative.
5. Taking a half-ticket by telling a six-year-old child to be three years old.
6. Run from remote to mobile.
7. Putting Ganeshji on the wedding card and pasting it on the fridge.
8. Refer to previous shop when negotiating.
9. Freeze dry crust after eating Golgappa.
10. After taking a new car, do not remove the seat of the seat for six months.


He had to ask that ..
The middle way is 🚗         punctures
on leaving...
Ohh shitt !!! Speaking tire
Is it necessary to kick


Wife: Do you listen and take two kilos of peas?
Husband: Yes… ..take whatever looks fine
Wife: Your opinion is not asking.
…… I am asking …… will peel so much… have less 😎



She spoke affectionately with her hands .....

My hands are more white than you ....


Never lie to your wife.
Because she asks you the same thing
What he already knows.



Every day I think
That in life .....
Do some big things

On the same day ........ 😠

The people of the my house ............😠

they send me to market for
purchase vegetables.



Kallu formed WhatsApp group
He would put a photo of the dog to every night🐶 and
Used to put a photo of the cat on getting up in the morning 🐱
Someone asked:-

Why do you do this brother?
So Kallu told: -
That is why dogs are at night
"no one  run away at night"
And because of the cat🐈 
"Morning cat will cut way"
So who will leave the group?😜😝😝


Those people never have difficulties..

People who sit in a tractor trolley
The procession goes…😝


Bad news: my new mobile right now
Fell into the bucket.

Good news: there was no water in the bucket.



Where did science bring us?

Earlier: - They used to live 100 years even after drinking dirty water from the well!
Now: -RO pure water
Getting old by drinking in 50 years

  Previously: - They used to work hard in old age after eating dirty oil of Ghani.

   Now: - We eat in the youth by eating double-filter oil
  First: -the salt
Did not get sick after eating.

Now: -I Template with Iodine
High-low BP is lying!

First: Neem-Acacia, coal
The teeth were shined with salt, and
Used to chew even for 80 years.
Now: -the man used Colgate
rounds the Dentist!
First: - Holding the pulse
Used to tell the disease
Now: -Testing today

But even the disease is not known. 🔦
Earlier: - The mother who gave birth to 7-8 children, used to work in the field even at the age of 80 years.

Now: For the first month, doctors remain under the care of 🌝  |      Yet children are born after tearing their stomach!
💁‍          .
  Previously: -Black jaggery sweets used to be eaten by cold drinks.
Now: - Before eating

Sugar becomes a disease!🍓
First: -Even of the aged
Knees did not hurt!
Now: -Jeven too knees
And says with back pain!
Don't understand it
Is it the age of science or ignorance?🤔🧐


Slept while saying this last night.
That the above ones will also set me ..
Message received on mobile in the morning.
Do love things with Rupali.
Call 595555 call 3 / mint.

The god listened.
But I listened a bit expensive ... !! 😜


Today in wife's cheese paneer
Didn't even find cheese
Asked courageously, then said: Silence quietly,
'Khoya Paneer' is made !! 😳😛


Pappu with his teacher,
"Miss were you calling me at night?"

Teacher: Otherwise.
Pappu: Amazing
Wrote on my mobile phone - Miss Call.


Somebody will make a house in the heart ..?
or else..

Fill the form of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana? 😝


Home remedies.............
1. If dog bite you, you bite it,
   settle accounts....🐶😷
2. When the milk breaks
Seal with white thread,
No one will know ....🍼😉
3. If your hair falls,
get it shaved,
then it won't fall.....💇🏻👴🏻
4. If you get a bug in your teeth,
do not eat anything for a week or two,
The worm will die hungry inside itself ...😁
5. If there is a pain in the throat,
then strangulate someone,
there will be no pain again....🙅🏻
6. If you can't sleep at night
Sleep in the day... 😴
7. If you have a lot of pain in your hands, then take a strong hammer
And hit hard on the foot, believe it
You will forget hand pain..🔨
If you benefit from domestic treatment, remember in prayers….
Otherwise i'm happy anyway



Plz plz plz help me power cut of my area and my mobile  battery is only 10% left.
I have to Chatting with my darling
If someone has that message in which full battery charge ,send me that message
Had to charge the battery..😜😜


Girl - “Janu, give me this diamond ring…. "Boy -" Why darling…? "Girl -" I will miss you every day by looking at it…. ? "Boy -" Remember you will do me anyway…! "Girl -" How is that? " Boy - "Thinking that the diamond ring was asked but the bastard did not give … .. !!!


"It has been requested -
We lost our shoes in the temple….
So how do we go home?
We lost our shoes in the temple….
So how do we go home?
Somebody said-
"You start shayari at least….
You will get so many that you will not be able to count "

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