Friday, March 20, 2020

Corona virus knock in Madhya Pradesh, corona confirmed in 4 people in Jabalpur

coronavirus conform case-Confirmation by Jabalpur Collector Bharat Yadav. 3 people had returned from Dubai and 1 from Switzerland, currently all the patients have been kept in isolation ward by the district administration.

The infected have been admitted to the isolation ward at the Medical College, Jabalpur.

Jabalpur: Corona virus has also been knocked in Madhya Pradesh, corona has been confirmed in four people who returned from abroad in Jabalpur, 4 reports from ICMR have come positive, according to information 3 people returned from Dubai and 1 Switzerland . At present, all the patients are kept in isolation ward by the district administration.

3 people belong to the same family

According to preliminary information, 3 members of the same family have been found in the grip of corona infection here, after the report of ICMR i.e. National Institute for Research in Tribal Health, there is a panic situation in the city, it is said that this family returned from Dubai to Jabalpur . The family is Suhagan Jewelery owner Mukesh Aggarwal and his wife and children fall prey to the virus of jewelers resident of Wright Town, Jabalpur, as well as a list of where the four went and met whom they met after returning from a foreign trip. All will be investigated. [Source] [source] [source][source]

Urgent Instruction and order given by Collector and District Magistrate Jabalpur (M.P.) :

Office of the Collector and district magistrate Jabalpur has ordered that under Section 144, orders were made to keep the private office, school, institute / collage, cinema hall, public event, public library, water park, gym, swimming pool etc. closed till 31 March 2020 .
Violation of this order will be a punishable offense under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

(Bharat Yadav)
Collector and District Magistrate
District Jabalpur

Please Find Jabalpur collector official instruction letter below:-⇓

Corona virus collector Jabalpur instruction
Collector jabalpur letter -Instruction/order for District Jabalpur



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